Remove Your Dangerous, Unsightly Stumps

Stump removal services in Kirkwood and St. Louis, Mo and surrounding areas

Do you have a rotting tree stump in the middle of your property? Is it frustrating to cut the grass and maneuver around a tree that was removed a long time ago? You've come to the right place. At Hanneke Tree Service we provide reliable stump removal services for residents of Kirkwood and St. Louis, MO as well as the surrounding communities.

Having a tree stump in the middle of your property can be a huge eyesore. You can rely on the stump removal experts at Hanneke Tree Service to remove any size tree stump from your residential or commercial property. It doesn't matter the size of the tree stump, the species of tree or how deep the tree roots are. We have the knowledge, experience and tools to get the stump removed quickly the first time.

Benefits of a professional stump removal

Benefits of a professional stump removal

Our team of tree care experts come to your property armed with the necessary tools to remove the unsightly tree stump from your property. You should call for stump removal services because:

It gets rid of unsightly tree stumps for a more visually appealing property
Tree stumps are often breeding grounds for insects and pests
A tree cut off at the stump may still continue to grow

Old tree stumps can be a safety hazard, attract pests and create an eyesore in your property. You can rely on us to get the tree stump removed efficiently and quickly.

You can give us a call today directly at 314-960-9797. We look forward to being your preferred local tree care company.